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PHCS is committed to raising the standard of quality in the Health Care Industry by its devotion to care, service, and integrity.

Vision Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of Providence Health Care Staffing (PHCS) is to facilitate the placement of highly skilled health care professionals nationwide through recruitment, skills assessment, and testing to ensure the selection of the most qualified candidates in the field.

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Providence Health Care Staffing (PHCS) is a privately owned medical staffing agency based in Thomasville, North Carolina. Since our incorporation in 2002 PHCS has grown exponentially. Although our traveling staff has increased, our personal touch remains the same. When Greg Bryan, President/CEO, founded the company he wanted to create an atmosphere of integrity, professionalism, and trust with our travelers. We work as a team which means our recruiters do not compete with one another, but rather work together to find the assignment that you are looking for. Our goal at PHCS is that you will travel with us not because you have to, but because you want to



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