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Frequently Asked Questions


You've got questions about becoming a traveling health care provider?  We've got answers!

Do you offer weekly or bi-weekly pay?

We have weekly direct deposit.


Is time off between assignments allowed?

We encourage all travelers to take a break between assignments.  Most hospitals will allow a week or two between.


Do you deduct expenses from my check if I miss a day of work?

We typically give a day of grace knowing that most travelers work overtime or call back.

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Will I be responsible for cost of housing if I take a week off?

Unfortunately, yes.  Someone must cover the cost of expenses, whether it’s housing or rental car of any time taken off.

Length of assignments offered?

Most are 13 weeks and some facilities request 26 weeks.  We also have shorter assignment but is determined by hospitals.

Is housing considered corporate?

Yes, we provide fully furnished private housing that includes utilities.

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Do you staff other states besides Alaska?

Yes, we staff the lower 48 in addition to Alaska and Hawaii.

How approachable are your recruiters? Will they take my call or will I have to leave a voice mail and get a return call three days later?

We prefer a “small town approach” when it comes to our phone system.  We have a friendly receptionist who always answers the phone system.  She will graciously transfer your call to whomever you need to speak with whether it’s payroll, housing coordinator, credentialing or your recruiter.

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